About Me

Hello, everyone! 😊

    I am Olivia, a sixteen-year-old violinist, photographer, little sister, animal lover, modest fashion enthusiast, lover of sparkles, glitter, all things bright and cheerful, smiley faces, and last but definitely not least, a Conservative Christian.  I live on a hobby farm of 4.5 acres, with two horses (Sunny, 21, and Coco, 26), one goat (Lia Jane Mckay, 7)three cats (Johnny, 7, Tommy, 7, and Gracie, 16-18), and two house rabbits (Figaro, 1, and Thumbelina, 3)

   I hope you enjoy my blog! It's mainly music related things and photography right now as you have probably noticed, but eventually my dream is to add fashion and art as well, so do stick around! :)

More about me:

  1. I am extremely fond of dark chocolate (who isn't??)
  2. There isn't a food that I've tried that I hate. Okay, except for the pink cake I thought was strawberry but was actually bubblegum flavored. Ewww...
  3. Frog legs are actually pretty good, if prepared right, of course!Someone mistook me for a princess!
  4. As of Fall 2017 I will be a music teacher, taking on my first student!
  5. I burst out in song randomly. Whoever said that they didn't like musicals because people don't burst out in song in everyday life was completely wrong! They've obviously never lived with me! :) 
  6. I am constantly listening to music. Just ask my sister. ;)
  7. I'm the youngest, but I have tons of "siblings".
  8. I like comments. . . so what are you waiting for? :) Do you have a blog? How did you find mine? 

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you drop in again soon! I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! 


  1. I don't think frog legs would be very good but who am I to judge.
    I like to eat orange peels.

  2. I love your blog! Are you homeschooled?


    1. Hello, Sylvia! Thanks so much for commenting! :)
      Yes, I'm homeschooled! Are you?
      How did you find my blog? :)

  3. Yes I'm homeschooled and I love it! I found your blog off of another blog A Farm Girls Life


    1. Oh, yay! I was hoping someone would click on me through her blog! She has an amazing amount of comments on every post; it amazes me!
      Thanks for stopping by, I hope you come back! :)

    2. Hi there! I just stumbled over here from there as well! Looks like you have a very nice blog :-) .
      Have a blessed day!

    3. Aw, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'll definitely check your blog out as well!


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