Monday, October 2, 2017

It's what I do....

Can you guess?

Music is what God gifted me with, what I take joy in, what I work hard at, and.... 
sometimes, succeed at. 

Music is my passion. What's yours?

Lovely photography by Noelle at The Riches of His Goodness.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

How the Most Recent Wedding I Played for Went!

I played for my sixth wedding a few weekends ago, and it was surely a whirlwind! :) Weddings are always fun. This was my first one where I was hired with three friends to play as a quartet. Naturally then, I didn't know the bride. We played Canon in D (with me mentally screaming in the background the whole. time.), Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, and a few others. It was really fun, but of course tiring by the end of the day. We sort of ended badly with Jesu, but I don't really think people noticed. There's always something the musicians will notice and the others will never even think about. 

A fun note (ha!): All four of us in the quartet are going to compete against each other this coming spring in a concerto competition. . . so we had to work together this time instead of jumping ahead to the competing! 😉

Another short post, but a post, nonetheless. I have tons of practicing to do as well as school, chores, and a concert this weekend! I better get cracking on my mile-long list.......

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Dear Readers....

I apologize for the lack of posts, and for not letting you all know of my absence beforehand. In fact, I didn't know I was going to take a break until I did. . . so.... yeah. Basically life just got really busy, and I had a lot of catching up to do for school and practicing, so I had to step away from blogging.

I plan to post on Wednesday and Friday this coming week! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ways I Help my Father and Mother at Home and on the Farm

     I was having a conversation with a friend once about helping our fathers and mothers. We had both read a certain book and it mentioned helping fathers extra. Of course we both do what our parents ask us to do, like school or checking on the food in the oven, but we were talking about extra things to help. I asked my friend what she did to help her Dad, and she said she didn't really do anything extra. I was kind of taken back by that. Since the conversation, I have summed up a list of ways I help both my parents. How do you help your parents beyond the basics? I'd love to have new ways to help them! 

For Dad: 
1. Mowing, raking, picking up sticks... all things I do to help my Dad keep the yard looking nice. Now that he's done with his Ph.D, he has a little more time to trim and do yard projects. 
2. Being on time. It's always nice to be waiting for him instead of making him wait for me. Being a girl, I take more time to get ready to go places, so I have to plan extra time, but that's okay. It means that if I wait for him I can be sure our bags are in the van, the cooler has the right food in it, I have all my music.... etc. Again, a little thing. 
3. Folding his shirts right. Weird, right??? Sometimes we don't fold his shirts right and then they don't fit in the drawer nicely, and then it annoys him.  Well, it's a little thing, to be sure, but anything I can do when it's my job to fold the laundry! 
4. Keep the piano tidy. So often I just set music on the bench or rack, forgetting that the piano is not in hiding, and everyone can see the mess. Keeping it tidy should be a no-brainer, and I try to remind myself to take care of it when I notice it getting bad again. 
5. Good Mischief. See number 4 of things I do for Mom. Often for Dad all we come up with are things like buying him a special candy bar he really likes and slipping it in his drawer. 

For Mom: 
1. Laundry. Always a good place to start! :) I like to surprise her by doing it even though I wasn't asked to. Plus, then she can do something like getting off her feet after being in the kitchen all day, and not have to worry about yet another thing.
2. Kill snakes. Yes. I have the Snake-killer Badge around here. I killed 27 snakes in one day last fall. My mother hates snakes. So, because I love her, I kill them for her. I just killed one this afternoon. It was a gory death by the lawn-mower blades. Not the way I usually kill them, by the way. 
3. Try not to listen to too much music. . . the struggle is real, folks. :) I like to listen to a lot of fast movements and higher-pitched instruments, the violin, flute.... the list goes on. Sometimes the high notes bother her after a while, or she just needs some quiet. I try to sense this and either turn the music off or down or switch to Bach cello suites or something soothing and relaxing. 
4. Good Mischief. (Is there such a thing?) My sister and I "invented" Good Mischief when we were little, probably 9 and 6 or thereabouts. Good Mischief is when we think of special things to do for Mom.... number 1 for Mom up there would fall into this category. Sneaky things, yet very helpful and fun to do! Also very funny to see when she notices we did them! :) Overall Good Mischief gives us a good secret to giggle about for a few minutes or until she notices, and it gives Mom some relief with all the house-hold things. Now that Sophia is in college, I have to do it by myself which honestly isn't as fun as doing it together. 

      Now I'd love to hear what you do!!! It can be so hard to get up off the couch and go help, but it's really worth it! 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Bonus post!! Why I chose the name The Kaleidoscope: A glittering jumble of order

    When my Dad and I decided I should start a blog, I didn't know what to call it for the longest time. I'm still not sure I really really like the name. I wish now I had switched out the word glittering for sparkling, and maybe a different word for jumble. If I ever move to a different name, I'll be sure to write a farewell post, since I really don't like finding blogs that "died" a long time ago with no apparent reason. 
    I picked the first part "The Kaleidoscope" because eventually I will add other passions of mine to this blog, and kaleidoscopes have many parts, all intricate in their own ways, but they all work together to make one beautiful design. So that's the first part. The second bit "A glittering jumble of order" I picked because I love glittery things, and my life seems like a jumble of order sometimes 😉 if that's even possible! 

Do you have any questions about my blog, the name, or why I started it?  Do you have a blog? Why did you name it what you did? 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Favorites for Friday!

You all ready for another Favorites for Friday post? This week I have four amazing posts and blogs to share with you! 

First up is Allison's drawings, which are pretty amazing! You can tell she has fun doing it, too ;). 
elephant art (1280x1024)
(Yes, she drew this elephant.....!)

Next is a Lilla Rose Giveaway from The Modest Mom Blog. I have two Flexi8s, and I really love both of them! (no picture because of copyright)

Third up is Noelle's Summer Pictures: June Edition This lovely friend has some really neat pictures here! She's just getting back into the swing of blogging, so be sure to browse her blog and leave a comment while you're there! :) 

Last, but not least, is Leif's post, Photo drop! He also has some really good pictures on his blog. 

That's all for today, friends! As always, if you have a blog, let me know in the comments so I can read it and possibly post about it in the upcoming Favorites for Friday post! 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Officially a Violin Teacher, at the Age of 16

I realize this post is late, sorry about that. Yesterday was a hectic school day --- and I had not gotten very much sleep due to orchestra the previous night. So here's an old picture of me to bundle Throwback Thursday with my new miscellaneous Wednesday posts. 

I was eight here, I think, and this was after I outgrew my first teacher (in 6 months! eep) and was at the MacPhail School of Music in the Cities. My violin size here was 1/8,  but I started with 1/16. 
I'm officially a violin teacher!!! Woohoo! I'm actually really excited about it all. I like music and kids, why not have them together? My student is six, and I think he is going to do well. I taught my first lesson with him already, and it was pretty good for a first, but I probably will end up tweaking my plans and goals as we go along. He said that he likes playing, only it's hard because he doesn't know any songs. 😉So our first song is an A and B song, focusing on two notes. If he learns it well before our next lesson, we'll move on to a fun song called Walking in the Moonlight. 

Have I ever mentioned how much I love kids? 

See you all TOMORROW with Favorites for Friday! 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Favorites for Friday!

Yay! It's time for another Favorites for Friday post! 

First up is Mode-de-Lis' wonderful Cornflower Blue, with all the details making this outfit truly amazing! And her shoes!! :) 

Next we have my sister's August Wrap-up post. Why is it a favorite, you ask? Well, just read it. And the comments ;). 
(No picture simply because there was no picture. Ha.)

Finally there is Fresh Modesty's Our New Home! I've been waiting since forever for her to get back into a posting routine, and of course I was delighted to read about their new home! It's lovely! 
(No picture from her blog for copyright reasons, I think!)

What blogs do you read? See you in the comments!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Music Wednesday!

My bunny! Isn't he adorable?!? His name is Figaro from Mozart's opera The Marriage of Figaro.

According to my Blogger stats Music Wednesday posts are not popular, so I am debating if I should change my Wednesday posts. I try not to be influenced by you only, and write only what you want, but at the same time I want you to enjoy my posts and come again! What are your thoughts on the subject? Are my stats wrong? (It's possible!)

What I've been listening to: French Baroque This album sat on the back burner for a long time, but I listened to it again when I need a good mix of choral and orchestral pieces. It's pretty relaxing :).

What I've been playing: Well, next week I get my music for the Spring Concerto Competition, and so that has me pretty excited. It's a super hard piece, but I am thankful I get to start working on it over a month before the competition this year! Last year I got my music just a month before, and I don't think I've ever learned something so fast and well before. 

What have you all been up to?

Friday, August 25, 2017

Favorites for Friday!

Here goes for the first Favorites for Friday post! Are you excited? :) I'll keep this going all school year, and possibly into next summer! Let me know in the comments if you want to see more of these posts! This one, I will admit, is pretty girly! :)

First up is Melani's post Tips For Combining Style And Modesty This School Year

I thought Melani did a great job summing up fall essentials and she had some really cute ideas as well! 

Next is Allison's fun photography post about Amelia Island and the BEACH. That should get you to look through the pictures, haha! 
DSC_1212 (1280x853)
Allison is going to post Part 2 soon, so be sure to hang around for it! It's going to be awesome! :)

Next is Beyond the Search for Mr. Right, on Set Apart Girl.
I've read many posts on singleness, but this one sums up all the ones I've read so very well. I haven't talked much about singleness here yet, but it's something I'm passionate about --- and it is often so wrongly portrayed by others. "Oh, you're 16? About time for the guys to be lining up!" GAHHH. *deep breaths* Okay, so, I wouldn't mind meeting Mr Right this year (if God even made a Mr Right for me), but by saying that you're not helping and encouraging me to be content in my singleness! 

Oops. I think I derailed a bit. 😆

I think three is a good number to end on today! Keep posting --- maybe next week you'll be featured!