Monday, September 11, 2017

Bonus post!! Why I chose the name The Kaleidoscope: A glittering jumble of order

    When my Dad and I decided I should start a blog, I didn't know what to call it for the longest time. I'm still not sure I really really like the name. I wish now I had switched out the word glittering for sparkling, and maybe a different word for jumble. If I ever move to a different name, I'll be sure to write a farewell post, since I really don't like finding blogs that "died" a long time ago with no apparent reason. 
    I picked the first part "The Kaleidoscope" because eventually I will add other passions of mine to this blog, and kaleidoscopes have many parts, all intricate in their own ways, but they all work together to make one beautiful design. So that's the first part. The second bit "A glittering jumble of order" I picked because I love glittery things, and my life seems like a jumble of order sometimes 😉 if that's even possible! 

Do you have any questions about my blog, the name, or why I started it?  Do you have a blog? Why did you name it what you did? 


  1. Why did you start a blog?
    Let me put it another way.
    What made you start blogging?

    1. :) I've never been good at writing, so it was Dad's idea to have me start a blog where I do just that, write. It kind of took off from there. I actually enjoy it, and my writing has improved, and I think it will keep improving too.

      I never thought I'd be a blogger, and even sometimes now I don't have time to write a post, but I'm learning a lot through having my own blog.

    2. "I'm learning a lot through having my own blog."
      Do I detect blog post material?

  2. *I* suggested she name it "Sputterings from the Tea Pot's Spout", but for some reason she didn't take it.

    1. I can't even say it.... how would I tell other people about it?
      "Oh, you have a blog? What is the name?"
      "Teatterings from a ... I mean Sputterings frothe em... Sputterings form the Tea Spout's Pot. . . "


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