Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Music! What I Have Been Doing!

What I have been listening to: I highly recommend this album of music. The style, the performers, everything but the clapping is perfect. I am not a fan of clapping in recordings, but this was a live performance, so I guess that's what we get. 
What I have been learning for fun: This lovely Passacaglia. I am working on it with a cellist friend, and it is a very challenging piece. It is amazingly fun to play, however. 
What I have been learning to learn. . . not so much for fun: Three octave scales and arpeggios, an etude, shifting from 1st position to 8th, 2nd to 9th, and so on. Also, double stops. Those tricky beasts. :)

P.S. Thank you thank you thank you all for reading the post on appearance. Blogger Stats says 28 of you read it, and that is now my most read post! 


  1. Don't forget! The Driver's Ed!!

    *spills chamomile tea* For some reason I can never seem to keep my comments clean.

    1. Driver's Ed doesn't have to do with music, though.

      *sighs and goes to get a mop*

  2. Driver's Ed! wen did you a start?

    Interesting! A musically driven car.

    *maybe you should put up a sign:
    "no food or drinks allowed!
    Violators must scrub the comment boxes for the week"

    1. I started last night. I do not handle blood and gore very well, and I think all the movies we have to watch have those in them. I get the memo, don't drink and drive. But that doesn't really apply to my situation, if you know what I mean.

      I don't mind mopping, if it means I don't scare commenters away :).

  3. Huh, I would have thought they'd teach you not to text while driving first. A teacher's preference I suppose.
    I bet they're using blood and gore to let the consequences of not driving safely really sink in.

    *well, as long as you don't start clubbing people with that mop of yours... Your commentators should stick around! :)

    1. The instructor hasn't really said much about texting yet, which surprised me too. Next week a Police Officer is coming in, so maybe he'll talk about it?

      *shocked that you would think I might do that ;)*

    2. The highest cause of car accidents is: distracted driving. Such as:texting, poke(something or other), playing the violin, to name a few.

      * well, revenge is best taken wet you know. :) *

    3. Playing the violin.... would be extremely difficult. Definitely not enough arm room in the car.


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