Monday, June 26, 2017

The Person Behind the Blog

(Ahem, the person behind this blog)
    Oftentimes I think we blog readers forget about the person behind the blog. The person that posts and waits .... and waits.... and sometimes never gets a comment. Now, it can be a good exercise in patience and not-getting-what-I-want, but it is ever so encouraging to get a comment! It often gives us writers motivation to keep writing and improving our writing style. I've even noticed how my style has changed since I started this blog. Try reading my first post. I didn't know how to use Blogger, so it doesn't even have a title. All in all, blogging is really enjoyable, especially with a comment or two! :) 


  1. Oh, hello! You must be Olivia, the heart of this blog. :)

    Yes, I think we also tend to forget how much time an author puts into their work. For instance, have you ever wondered how long Tolkien took to write the lord of the rings?

    I really like how your writing style has changed and how much contemplation you put into your writing. especially these last few posts!

    I really must be going, this post gave me an idea.

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