Wednesday, August 2, 2017

SMSF Part 2!

All of us again! 
Hopefully you find these posts interesting! It's fun writing about it all.
Picking up in Wednesday . . . We had an evening concert which went quite well, despite the heat. This year there were too many of us to fit in the band shell, so we were on the grass in front of it this time. Our concert started with two patriotic pieces, and then settled down to business with Haydn, movie music from Pirates of the Caribbean, and the St Paul Suite. The Meadowlark Quartet also performed. Wednesday was a fun day, but was also very long, because we had a concert tacked onto the end of our day.
Thursday morning we were all pretty tired, but we drank coffee and tried to stay awake for the masterclass with Korey Konkol. It was really good (the coffee and the masterclass). After the masterclass I was not feeling well, and I had a fever. Adrianna (one of the counselors) took me back to the dorms where I just hung out, drew the Smiley Face Family Picture, and drank tons of water. I couldn't even listen to music! In the evening I was feeling well enough to go to the Meadowlark concert, put on for the students. The quartet just blows me away every time I hear them. So my Thursday was a little thrown off, and I lost practice time and such.

On another note (HA), the SMSF now has their own Facebook page, and have been posting pictures and things! Southwest Minnesota String Festival Facebook page

Till Friday!!!! Have you been enjoying these posts?

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