Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bonus Post: An Impostor in the Garden

This is the impostor. My family kept wondering if it was a carrot, but I am sure it's not. It has small yellow flowers. I think my sister came up with what it is, but I can't remember now. It certainly does not belong in the garden! But it is a pretty weed, so delicate and frilly.  
We survived the hail last night and so did the plants, although the lilacs are a little damaged. Some corn is coming up in our neighbor's field, and I have not gone to see how it fared yet. Hopefully it's still small enough to be protected by the dirt. 


  1. Yarrow, is what I said.

    *exit, leaving a trail of cat hair and leaves*


  2. Yarrow is invasive so it's probably there to stay.
    Also, didn't the monks use it for medicinal purposes?
    I'm glad your plants survived. Did you go hailstone hunting?

    *Bleh, who left all this cat hair in here!
    Sigh! I'll go get the broom*

    1. No, no hailstone hunting. By the time I got up there was only a small pile of ice on our porch left. At 4am I was not about to go out in it...

      I don't know if monks used it or not. . .

    2. that's too bad. I'd say better luck next time but I don't think you want a next time.
      3:30am is when the storm hit our house. sheet lightning from the west woke me up half an hour earlier though.

      *spills cup of tea, leaves to make another*


  3. Achillea millefolium is an herb much prized by the 12th century German mystic and herbalist, St. Hildegard of Bingen.

    1. Ah, thank you!
      And it looks like someone got my letter! :)


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