Friday, August 25, 2017

Favorites for Friday!

Here goes for the first Favorites for Friday post! Are you excited? :) I'll keep this going all school year, and possibly into next summer! Let me know in the comments if you want to see more of these posts! This one, I will admit, is pretty girly! :)

First up is Melani's post Tips For Combining Style And Modesty This School Year

I thought Melani did a great job summing up fall essentials and she had some really cute ideas as well! 

Next is Allison's fun photography post about Amelia Island and the BEACH. That should get you to look through the pictures, haha! 
DSC_1212 (1280x853)
Allison is going to post Part 2 soon, so be sure to hang around for it! It's going to be awesome! :)

Next is Beyond the Search for Mr. Right, on Set Apart Girl.
I've read many posts on singleness, but this one sums up all the ones I've read so very well. I haven't talked much about singleness here yet, but it's something I'm passionate about --- and it is often so wrongly portrayed by others. "Oh, you're 16? About time for the guys to be lining up!" GAHHH. *deep breaths* Okay, so, I wouldn't mind meeting Mr Right this year (if God even made a Mr Right for me), but by saying that you're not helping and encouraging me to be content in my singleness! 

Oops. I think I derailed a bit. 😆

I think three is a good number to end on today! Keep posting --- maybe next week you'll be featured! 

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  1. Happy Friday! I enjoyed reading your blog. Have a great weekend, enjoy the good weather and drive, drive, drive, when you can. Love you.


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